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Shakti Prash




Price : Rs:2,600/-


Shakti Prash and Deemark Shakti Prash are the best health product in all over the world, this are Dietry Supplement beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction. This is one of the best and perfect Herbal Remedies and works as an impotence cure. SHAKTI PRASH is an advance bouquet formula in the natural sexual enhan*cement solutions worldwide. It essentially upsurges luteinizing (LH) levels in the human body. LH is unsurprisingly produced by the pituitary gland that plays important role in interesting testosterone invention inside.* What are Shakti Prash or Deemark Shakti Prash?

Shakti Prash has got all that man or women want from a extra intercourse. This is really a successful or completes a unique preparation of infrequent and valuable basils that works as ordinary intercourse garnish. Shakti Prash is capable to solve all your problem related to intercourse and makes your married life enjoyable. Shakti Prash works as a herbal tonic that is as good for overall health as it is for Sexual problems.*

This provides you:

  • Gives you Extra influence & energy*
  • Gives Extra time for longer sex act*
  • Makes you capable to have Extra strength for longer erection*
  • Gives Extra Pleasure every time*


  • Shakti Prash package having- Shakti Prash Oil, Shakti Prash powder*
  • Shakti Prash powder is to be used with hot milk*.
  • You can mix the powder with hot milk and drink it. Man, and Woman both can have this if they feel more physical weakness, they can have it twice in day*.
  • Within 40-50 minutes it will start showing its result and you would feel like never*.
  • After this you just would like to go to bed and play with your partner*.
  • The first night when you have it, you will almost feel twice power than before*.


  • Enhanced stamina, performance and power*
  • Has No side effects while using and provides satisfied result to coatomers*.
  • Pure natural and ayurvedic product that helps to increase your power*

Age Limit: This Shakti Prash product is for who more than 18 years old and even 60 years old man can have it and get back his young days*.

*DISCLAIMER* The individual results may vary from person to person.*