FAQ Fair Look Cream

Why the price of Fair Look Lotion too high as compared to other similar products in the market?

We put all our time, energy and money into developing and marketing this product. Our competition is misusing our product name to sell their product which is not authentic and not spending anything on advertisement and/or doing research and development of this product. We believe in quality and feel that price of Fair Look Lotion is justified by its results seen over the years.

How to get Fair Look?

We have very easily navigable web solution where you can place order online or you can call us at +91-9716964444 to buy this product.

Where can we see Fair Look video?

We are in the process of uploading video on youtube. Please bear with us.

Does Fair Look work on men’s skin?

Fair Look works uniformly on all type of skins. It is equally effective to men’s skin as well as women’s skin

Where can we see Fair Look advertisement?

All the leading national level television channels like Sony, Disney, Sahara etc. show Fair Look product video during the off-peak hours like in afternoon, early morning and late night.

Does Fair Look work on all kind of skins?

Yes, Fair Look works on all kind of skins, though the procedure changes a bit as per the skin type like for oily skin we recommend to your cucumber juice rather than tomato puree to mix with fairness lotion.

Is Fair Look lotion an ayurvedic preparation?

Yes, It is 100% ayurvedic preparation with no chemical involved.

Do you have dedicated website to Fair Look product?

We have www.fairlookcream.com website for information related to Fair Look product

Is Fair Look TVM product? What other products TVM do marketing for?

Fair Look product is exclusively marketed by TVM. If any other teleshopping company claims to be doing marketing for Fair Look, then it would be fake Fair Look product. You can visit our website www.tvmall.in to see all the product offerings by TVM.

How Fair Look Ayurvedic Lotion is different than other skin related creams?

Market is flooded with beauty products and there are thousands of fairness creams available. But, there are only a very few ayurvedic products whom do not have known side-effects. The right mix of ingredient and preparation procedure together becomes critical in preparing any ayurvedic fairness product. TVM Fair Look Lotion production team achieved high standard in launching quality product in fairness stream in to the beauty products market.

How good the Fair Look Fairness Lotion on oily skin?

Results of Fair Look Fairness Lotion are similar for oily skin as it is for dry skin. For oily skin, we need to mix cucumber juice instead of tomato puree. With this, you can get best results for oily skin.

How many teleshopping companies dealing in Fair Look product?

We do not track competition as well as we are not bothered about negative publicity by our competitors. We believe in competing with ourselves and revising product in to a better one over the period of time.

How Fair Look results can be compared to any other fairness product?

We cannot comment on how other products on fairness performing in the market but we feel pride in having a large database of satisfied customers in our Fair Look Lotion product.

In how much time, can we see Fair Look result?

With the regular use of Fair Look fairness lotion and sunscreen, you can see the difference in just 15-20 days. Key here is to use Fairness lotion twice a day and use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun.

How to place an order to buy Fair Look online?

We have very easily navigable web solution where you can place order online or you can call us at +91-9716964444 to buy this product.

How to use Fair Look?

Clean your face or skin area where you want to apply Fair Look Fairness Lotion with Rose water. Mix equal amount of peeled tomato puree (for dry skin) or cucumber mixture (for oily skin) with Fair Look Fairness Lotion. Apply it on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash skin with normal water. For best results apply it twice a day, in the morning and in the night before going to bed.

What is the Fair Look contact number to buy this product?

You can call us at +91-9716964444 to buy this product.

Where can we submit Fair Look complaints?

Visit us online and put your complaints in the comment section under the product or you can call on the complaint number coming on our tv advertisement.

What are the Fair Look ingredients?

Fair Look Sunscreen Lotion: aloe vera, almond oil, wheatgerm oil, marie gold oil, sandal oil Fair Look Fairness Lotion: mulathi, javitri, mustard seed, almond nuts, chironji, chandan, saffron, aloe vera, honey

Where can we buy Fair Look in India?

We have very easily navigable web solution where you can place order online or you can call us at +91-9716964444 to buy this product.

How can we buy Fair Look online?

We have very easily navigable web solution where you can place order online or you can call us at +91-9716964444 to buy this product.

Can you provide Fair Look review on your website?

We are now in the process of over-hauling our website, converting it up into an E-Commerce portal where we can handle online orders faster and better. Please bear with us for now.

There are a lot of beauty cream products on Internet and elsewhere. Which one is original?

After TVM launched Fair Look Cream in 2011, some other manufacturers tried to replicate Fair Look Cream product with similar branding. We have come across a few instances of duplication of Fair Look Cream product by various means ranging from putting different material inside the box to an outright different packing with the similar name. We request you all, please be extra vigilant while buying Fair Look Cream and never give away Fair Look Cream boxes to anyone including our own staff under any scheme. Buy only original Fair Look Cream to get the best results.

Are there any side effects of using Fair Look?

Yes, we do have positive side effects of using Fair Look Cream. Not only it increases fairness, it gives glow to your face and get rid of acne, dark circles etc. if any

How are the Fair Look reviews?

Fair Look Cream is TVM’s hot selling product from 2011 to till date. Normally, in teleshopping, due to huge cost involved in advertising products on television, a product’s life is one year or so, but Fair Look Cream is more than 2 years old and still going strong. Thanks to all the satisfied customers, due to their repeat orders, we still have business in Fair Look Cream product.

What is the price of Fair Look Cream?

Fair Look Cream can be bought @ INR 1990/-. If you want COD, you need to pay extra INR 210/- for postage and handling related expenses within India and INR 1000/- for overseas customers like orders from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Oman, USA, UK etc.

What is Fair Look?

Fair Look lotion is an Ayurvedic Preparation for Fair and Beautiful skin. Fair Look is an anti-marks fairness cream used for removing marks, dark spots, pimples from your face and other parts of body. This cream also takes care of dark circles under eyes.

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